Chicken Little in Flash  🙂




9 Responses

  1. i like how you used shadow in yours it gives it a sense of stylization =)

  2. Love the concept, and the shadows were well played (even though there were so many and they were coming from all difference directions…) :).

  3. the chicken is cute and funny, and the bouncing pieces with shadows look very difficult. I think the work invested is clear.

  4. Definitely agreed^ nice use of shadows, gives a nice feel of 3-dimensionality

  5. I love the frantic expression on Chicken Little’s face – the sweat adds a nice touch – you just feel so bad for the little guy!

  6. i like the style of the barn/silo and the chicken. i think that some of the motions are kind of strange with the bouncing sky. i also kind of wish that chicken little were running back and forth in the distance to go along with the craziness.

  7. i really like your idea and i think the barn in the background is really really well done. the panicking chicken is very funny, i maybe would have liked to see him running frantically around in circles but overall i think its really well done. very cute

  8. i like how his wings move, and the shadows are a good detail- i didn’t really know what was going on but i don’t know the story sooooo….also i think the cracks in the sky jump kindof abrubtly from a few little cracks to more additions- this could have been smoother i think

  9. I like the idea of sky falling. The pieces of broken sky bouncing and the shadows getting bigger as pieces approach to the ground are great!!!

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