Fall Follies

This was one of my first attempts at stop motion animation  🙂



14 Responses

  1. The idea and execution were both great. So funny. Definitely overall success

  2. the sounds are disgusting! gorgeous! lovely! sexy!
    but honestly, i really enjoyed the leaf movement, it was a great scene, also the sound with the hand and leaf on the face is perfect

  3. I LOVE THE SOUNDS. I’m so glad you go it to work.

  4. really funny, the sound effects really added to it. a cute idea that worked really well.

  5. Really hilarious. Well done! Love the additional sound effects. Could be more smooth per chance…?

  6. i really liked the video with the addition of the sounds =)

  7. Hahaha – I have loved being a part of this project – if you ever need someone to hide under a pile of leaves to prove that you haven’t gone insane when you’re talking to them, feel free to call me again. It’s been fun. Yay for audio! It’s hilarious.

  8. awesome, i like the addition of the sound, really funny. also good choice speeding it up, it works better with the story this way.

  9. I like the sound of the leaf in the beginning and great job with the leaves swallowing up the unaware sleeping girl- clever!

  10. Oh my goodness, I love it! The sound makes it complete for me; it’s something that I wished I had done in mine. By the way, the face at around nine seconds is priceless.

  11. recorded sound was definitely a nice touch, adds alot to the humorous value of the video as a whole. The moving mass of leaves was very visually believable.

  12. love how the sounds work great here!

  13. I love the sound!!! it really works well with your video and it was hilarious=)

  14. I love the sound and the idea and the composition and everything. Hillarious!!

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