Beauty. Then and Now.

TODAY's ideal woman.

TODAY's ideal woman.


I took the Venus of Willendorf and altered her in Photoshop.  Even though no one really knows for sure what her original purpose was, many believe that she was a representation of the ideal woman back in 24,000 BC.  So I thought I’d take her and turn her into the TODAY’S ideal woman.  Isn’t it kinda funny how different our ideas of beauty are now?

What the ideal woman WAS.

What the ideal woman WAS.


16 Responses

  1. I love that you didn’t just put the image on the magazine cover- you actually adjusted the image as well. Very witty juxtaposition.

  2. I have issues with he historical inaccuracy of the evaluation of the figure. We don’t know she was a “fertility goddess”, we definitely know she was not a “Venus” (Venus happened much later), and we don’t know this figure was supposed to convey beauty. I like the idea of changing her body type. Like I said, I think the headlines are distracting.

  3. One of the best assignments. The displacement of of the object in a contemporary cultural context is very interesting. Looks like a real magazine cover, text is well done. Nice layout.

  4. I really love the concept behind this piece an I think it’s great how you changed the things the playboy said on the front to match the picture. The edges were done really well and look pretty real.

  5. I love the placement of the new imagine in playboy. The Text is hilarious. something about the edges of the image look off. but besides that great job!

  6. “harder than mammoth tusks” is really funny

  7. I love this. The edges are sharp, but the idea is very clever and the titles are hilarious. =)

  8. This is unbelievably well done! The jokes are hilarious and covert, and the figure might as well have always been this way. Fantastic work.

  9. The text is really well-done- I thought it was originally on the magazine so good job with that. And it’s a very relevant idea that I like a lot. Good project ma’am!

  10. Definitely impressive on a visual and conceptual level, this is a very popular social commentary nowadays, and you’ve executed it quite well. Text looks great too, totally believable.

  11. Great text. this should circulate.

  12. Personally I prefer the ideal beauty of the past. This cover is hilarious. Good job!

  13. Awesome concept! Normally I like to focus on the image that the person edits, but the actual magazine was very nicely executed. Kudos to you for matching the font! Awesome job on a piece that really makes you think :3.

  14. You did a really great job of both editing the original sculpture and changing the text on the magazine cover. I actually like the fact that you didn’t change every headline because it is a true test to how well the font matches the original. Your idea is awesome as well- it is a current issue and your humor pokes fun at the absurdity of modern ideals.

  15. I like the texts you created in the magazine. They really work well with the idea you attempted to present in the image.

  16. I think it is really clever that you took the ideas and speculations behind the original purpose of the Woman from Willendorf and integrated them into the text of the magazine. They’re witty and very amusing to read! Overall this is a really great piece. 🙂

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