The Internet as a Given

I can’t remember the very first time I used the almighty internet.  I remember my family getting our first computer.  My dad used computers at work and one day, he decided to buy one for the family.  To a little kid, a computer is a pretty cool thing (It’s still a pretty cool thing as an adult too).  It was this very grown-up, high tech, fantasy toy.  The first thing I did was play Disney video games.  Specifically “Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Computer Game.”  Then my memories of the computer become sorta fuzzy.  That old computer got dozens of viruses and broke more times than I can count cause 10-year-old-Sarah didn’t know it wasn’t OK to click on spam.  I took classes in middle school that taught me how to type and navigate through the internet.  And soon, I used the internet everyday.  Let me say that again.  I use the internet everyday.  I can’t remember the last time I went an entire week without using the internet.  But I still can’t remember the first time I actually used the internet.  For so long, it’s just been a given that I’d have internet access available to me that I didn’t even take the effort to notice my inaugural use of it.  Today in class, my professor said, “Some things are so familiar that people don’t really see them at all.”  The internet is just so familiar to me at this point that I really don’t appreciate what a miraculous thing it is.  So what does that say?  That I’m spoiled?  That my generation is spoiled?  That we’re all so caught up in the instant gratification of the web that we can’t even stop to think and recall what should be a momentous occasion in our life?  I’m not really sure….


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