Just Existing.

This weekend will be my first weekend of college.  What will I be doing?  Partying?  No.  Studying?  No.  I’ll just be existing.

For 30 hours, I will place myself in sensory isolation.   This is one of my first assignments for my Concept Studio 1 class:  Be with one’s self through prolonged, sensory deprivation and social isolation.  So that means I can’t talk, hear, see, or interact at all with…well…anyone.  So I’ll be sitting in a room with a blindfold and ear plugs.  I’ll have food and a string leading me to the bathroom.  And I’ll bring my sketchbook.

Is that not the most INTENSE assignment you’ve ever heard?  I’ve told a few people about it already and I’ve gotten 1 of 2 reactions:  “That’s SO COOL!  I wanna do it too!”  Or “What the heck is that supposed to teach you?”  After getting that second reaction, I started asking myself the same question.  Why am I doing this?  Well…the subject of the class is officially called “Concept Studio 1: Self & the Human Being.”  And then a question came to me, “How can I study others if I have never truly studied myself free from outside influences?”  Think about it.  How often do we live without being affected by outside sources?  Unless you live on some deserted island, probably not too often.

So now a whole new slew of questions are littering my mind, “What am I gonna find out about myself?  Will I like the person I find?  And how different is the Sarah everyone knows, versus the Sarah I know, versus the Sarah I will meet in those 30 hours?  And what will I create because of these discoveries?”

Me.  Existing BEFORE isolation.

I’ll let ya know.


One Response

  1. Maybe, as with your computer, you’ll come to appreciate the Sarah you’ve taken for granted. Perhaps you’ll begin to learn “to be” for yourself first and pleasing others second. What’s so interesting about this concept in practice is that the more your thoughts and actions please yourself, you’ll discover how much more you actually please and attract others, just by existing.

    I’ll be thinking of you on your isolation quest and sending you good thoughts for a bon voyage.

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